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Each week Sales Babble host Pat Helmers shares selling secrets for non-sellers Pa t interviews sales guests and experts on the power of persuasion focused on a mindset of helping that ensures non-pushy win-win selling process. Fun yet informative, Sales Babble has helped sellers around the world become comfortable and quickly enjoy the role of sales professional 

Jul 27, 2018

Jul 24, 2018

Bill Hart Sales BabbleWhite Collar Warrior with Bill Hart #226

In this episode I interview  Bill Hart, author of the book White Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America’s Military Elite.   Bill is a real estate expert and business coach who interviewed some of the best and brightest Army Rangers and Navy SEALS.  My son...

Jul 17, 2018

Sean Higgins Sales BabbleMaking Sales in Startups with Sean Higgins #225

Sean Higgins is a Residence at Techstars and founder of ilos where he led sales from 0-1Million+ in annual recurring revenue. Sean specializes in helping new companies use outbound sales tactics. The goal is to validate product-market fit and get early traction in the...

Jul 10, 2018

Brian Margolis Sales BabbleThe Index Card Business Plan with Brian Margolis #224

In this episode we meet Brian Margolis, author of the “The Index Card Business Plan For Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs”.  The natural order of life and business moves from the simple to the complex. Yet at the same time big advances in science are the simplest of...

Jul 3, 2018

Colleen Francis Sales BabbleHonesty Sells with Colleen Francis #223

Colleen Francis is the Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions and the author of Nonstop Sales Boom and Honesty SellsColleen is a successful sales leader for over 20 years, well versed on the challenges of selling in today’s market. She is a Certified Sales...