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Each week Sales Babble host Pat Helmers shares selling secrets for non-sellers Pa t interviews sales guests and experts on the power of persuasion focused on a mindset of helping that ensures non-pushy win-win selling process. Fun yet informative, Sales Babble has helped sellers around the world become comfortable and quickly enjoy the role of sales professional 

Dec 27, 2022

Top 10 Sales and Marketing Tips for 2023 with Neil Kristianson

In this episode returning guest Neil Kristianson joins for our 8th or 9th (we're not sure)  babbling conversation on the top 10 sales and marketing tips for the upcoming new year.

Pat Talked About These Sales and Marketing Tips

    • - branding IS...

Dec 20, 2022

Why Value is Key for All Decisions #456

The market doesn’t take sides
It prefers neither you nor your competition.
The buyer doesn’t takes sides
They regard all vendors as a commodities

The space between the market and sellers
Is an open doorway
Empty, yet Sellers can enter
Opening and closing it produces...

Dec 13, 2022

How to Overcome The Gatekeeper #455

When B2B selling you’re often calling on large organizations that, make it hard to connect with an executive, or figure out who’s the right person to talk to. Sometimes these companies have administrative assistants tasked as gatekeepers who do everything in their power to stop...

Dec 6, 2022

How a Great Presentation is Like a Fine Meal #454

The Tao Te Ching says that in order to be light on your feet you need a steady mind. That’s what it takes to entertain guests during this holiday season. Right? A lot can go wrong, but it can be dealt with when you expect problems.  The same is true during a sales...

Nov 29, 2022

Lessons To Be Learned From Lost Deals #453

Every conversation, every relationship, every prospect, client and customer is your tutor. Everyone has something to teach you: how to be a better sales professional or at the very least what not to do. In chapter 48 the Tao Te Ching it says

"In pursuit of knowledge, every day...