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Each week Sales Babble host Pat Helmers shares selling secrets for non-sellers Pa t interviews sales guests and experts on the power of persuasion focused on a mindset of helping that ensures non-pushy win-win selling process. Fun yet informative, Sales Babble has helped sellers around the world become comfortable and quickly enjoy the role of sales professional 

Aug 30, 2022

The Not So Obvious Sales Mistake You Should Avoid

Seeing Beyond The Obvious

To understand

We label buyers by what we see 

But the labels have limits

Only describing the obvious

Ignoring the subtle.


When you see beyond the label

You can sense  the true nature of the buyer,

And better share the benefits of your...

Aug 23, 2022

How To Close a Deal #439

What's the most difficult part of a sale?  Through the years I've had numerous listeners tell me it's “Closing.” People think that closing is hard and getting a prospect to put their name on a signed contract is a monumental task. Plus, people say it takes an assertive winner takes...

Aug 16, 2022

Origin of the Tao of Sales Babble #438

If you're new to this podcast, each week we take a concept in selling and look at it from a Taoist point of view with a poem, a vignette, and then a quote with advice on how you can apply this wisdom to your business. Sounds like crazy talk, right? Today I’d like to take a time...

Aug 9, 2022

What Bartenders and Therapists Can Teach Sales People #437

The Master Seller listens first
to understand
Before being understood.

By asking,
They receive
Creating opportunities.
Both bartender and psychologist
The Master Seller listens.


How to Connect with Pat Helmers at Sales Babble

Sales Babble shares selling...

Aug 2, 2022

The Perfect Sales Apology #436

Have you ever wronged someone but struggled to say your sorry in a way that prompted forgiveness from the person you wronged? Have you had that happen to you in business? Without doubt I’m certain you have!  Because we all make mistakes. We all do things that benefit us more than...