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Each week Sales Babble host Pat Helmers shares selling secrets for non-sellers Pa t interviews sales guests and experts on the power of persuasion focused on a mindset of helping that ensures non-pushy win-win selling process. Fun yet informative, Sales Babble has helped sellers around the world become comfortable and quickly enjoy the role of sales professional 

Oct 26, 2021

Sales Babble announcement a new beginning

Starting with this episode, Sales Babble will be taking a new course when babbling about sales. After nearly 350 interviews I’ve decided to take a pause on the conversation and instead take action on a book I’ve been wanting to write about sales.

Nobody has ever approached the subject in this manner. It’s new, authentic and diverges from the traditional podcast format.

Many years ago I authored a thrice a week blog titled the “Tao Te Ching of Sales“.   It based on a book of poems titles the “Tao Te Ching” by the Chinese author Lao Tze. It dives into non-pushy sales based on the teaching of Wu Wei “non-doing”.  On going episodes  contain a new podcast format for this Sales Babble new beginning.


How To Find The Tao Te Ching of Sales

To get a sense of what this Sales Babble new beginning might look like check out the following links:

This is the link to the blog;

This is the Tao Te Ching translated to English