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Aug 22, 2017

eric twiggs sales babble How Salespeople Overcome Procrastination with Eric Twiggs #178

In this episode we meet the procrastination prevention partner Eric Twiggs. Eric and I have a lively discussion covering practical ways on how salespeople overcome procrastination. We talk about mindset, processes, and automation tools that can increase productivity and success.

The habit to accept is the ability to take action. If you put things off that take you away from your life goals, you will be frustrated and unsuccessful. The root of procrastination is due to a lack of goals and focus. Turn that around.

In sales sellers commonly struggle with:

  • Following up
  • Call reluctance

What’s the answer to overcoming this struggle? Eric says

“Know your numbers, ratios of calls per answers and sales advances. Know the number of your activities. Let the law of averages work to your favor. Know that optimists are commonly more successful in sales. Get the right attitude.”

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But I Don’t Feel Like It

People often use their lack of interest as a reason to put off a task.  Don’t let inertia keep you in place. Become aware of your personality type.  Are you a Driver or a Motivator? By understanding yourself, you can overcome feelings, and displace it with habit and action.

Steps To Overcome Procrastination

  1. Turn off all notifications on your cell phone
  2. Use a smart phone app to automate your life
    1. Hootsuite – preplans social media posts
    2. SMS Scheduler – send text message reminders
    3. Rescue Time – blocks websites for a set period of time
    4. Kitchen Timer for the Pomodoro method
    5. Stick K website – makes goals public to others who hold you accountable (actually put money on the line)

Procrastination Pyramid

Eric spokes at length on his procrastination pyramid:

  1. Watch your attitude and don’t label yourself as a procrastinator.
  2. Be aware of your optimal times, power times and personality type.
  3. Animation, know your sleeping and exercise habits and control them.
  4. Automation – Understand what tools help and what tools hinder your productivity.
  5. Activity and taking action, over and over.

Take Action Advice

Don’t let perfect become the enemy of progress . Done is better than perfect.

How To Find Eric Twiggs

To learn more about how salespeople overcome procrastination go to his website

To find his new book go to

@thedisciplineofnow on Twitter

Get his free eBook “One Moment in Time Preparing Your Life For Your Defining Moment”   Send an email to and mention Sales Babble!

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Sales Skills Training

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