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Sep 12, 2017

Mike Slowik Sales Babble Hardware Software IT SalesHow To Sell Hardware Software and All Things IT with Mike Slowik #181

In this episode we meet Mike Slowik, 34 year veteran of selling hardware software and all things IT  But Mike tells us that he doesn’t actually sell IT. He sells change.  We talk about the enterprise sale and the complexity of working a prospect who brings a large team for the evaluation.

Mistakes sellers make: Not communicating, not talking in a style prospects respect. It’s a must if you want to learn how to sell hardware software and IT.

The Danger of the Unsolicited RFP

It’s difficult to win an RFP, especially one that is requested out of the blue. Most likely your competition wrote the majority of the evaluation. Get a meeting before applying for an unsolicited RFP to see if it’s worth the trouble. Moral of the story – GET THE MEETING.

FUD  (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt)

FUDing is a process sellers use to motivate prospects to look at competition skeptically.

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Doubt

Get the prospect to dig deep into the competition by creating fear, uncertainty and doubts in their mind. Have the prospect take the initiative and  see if the competition is all they promise. At the same time assume YOUR competition is doing the same to you. Have an answer to set the facts straign about your company.

Treat Everyone Like the Boss

It only takes on person on the buying team to deep six a deal. Beware of groupthink!  Listen deeply to everyone’s insight. Don’t judge the team, dynamics quickly. It may not be at ALL what you think it it.

How To Connect With Mike Slowik

Maybe you would like to learn more on how to sell hardware software and IT. Connect here…

We mentioned the Aurora University Sales Institute

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Consultative Technology Selling

This is just one of a number of past episodes that discusses the enterprise and sale and the need for using a consultative process. Listen today!

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