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Oct 31, 2017

Brendan Barrett Sales Babble

Repeatable Success for Sales Development Reps with Brendan Barrett #188


There is a growing trend for companies to separate business development from deal closing. We’re talking about two different people: One person setting up appointments the Sales Development Reps (SDR) and the other is the  closer. In this episode our guest Brendan Barrett and I walk through the SDR process with it’s pros and cons. We do some roleplaying in order to show practical advice for anyone prospecting and trying to set up an appointment.


What and Why an SDR?

SDR stands for Sales Development Reps – appointment setters, prospectors and cold callers.  Brendon calls the the Roller to the Closer .  This is different than the traditional inside sales (an order taker).   This is all outbound sales and Business Development.  They are sometimes called Business Development Reps or BDR.

More efficient for closers, who can be closing deals daily vs spending time in the office setting up their own meetings.

Downside of SDRs.

  • Details get dropped
  • Having a process imperative
  • Communication

What Makes For SDR Success?

  • Entry level position
  • Hungry, coachable, naturally curious

SDR Process

In this section we walked through the SDR process and gave practical examples for the Listeners.

  1. Create a relationship
    • Use LinkedIn to prospect
    • Reach out to sescretary
    • Take 2-5 touches to get a meeting
  2. Create a dialogue (conversation)
    • “I’m looking for people who set up your brown bag discussions
    • “I saw your post on LinkedIn and I’m curious about it …..
    • Could be set up on Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn or email
    • Always wish somebody a good day, that opens up people
  3. Qualify
    • Prospecting is market research
    • Some deals take years, hand off slow deals to marketing to keep them warm
    • Laws of attraction applies by showing interest. Create curiosity, get them to ask you about you
    • Be skeptical, don’t assume they are qualified
    • Ideally you want them to see the value and self qualify
  4. Win permission to sell
    • Make a phone call about them
    • “How was the weekend, what do you have going on this week
    • If you met at a conference, start there, “what’s your next conference on your calendar
  5. Introduction to Closer
    • Sounds like we could work with you well but I’m not the right person

Take Action Advice

Nice guys win and smarter guys win more!

Be helpful!

How To Find Brendan Barrett

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