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Nov 14, 2017

Mike Dannenfeldt Sales Babble Why Nobody Gives a S*%T About Your Sales Goals with Mike Dannenfeldt #190

Highly effective companies collect and measure sales goals. These goals drive performance and results. Mike Dannefeldt and I talk about process management, goal setting and how to manage sales staff. The challenge is to meet and exceed the goals. Yet success is dependent on buy-in and communication.

Why Sales Goals Not Met

Nobody cares about company goals if the vision has not been communicated. Goals by themselves do not motivate. They they must have  meaning and value to all in the organization.

Leaders must be transparent about strategic goals to ensure employees understand and buy-in (communicate and collaborate). Too often transparency is non-existent.

Tools Drive the Process or Process Drive the Tools?

  • We talked at length about the distinction between process and tools. Paper processes are rarely followed.
  • The data collected must benefit all parties. Especially true if employees are responsible for data input
  • Establishing regular metric review meeting drives performance growth and results

Take Action Advice

Establishing regular metric review meetings to communicate vision and drive performance with results. Mike gave us advice on how to set this up:

  • Set up recurring weekly meetings
  • All departments attend
  • Everyone contributes and reports on progress, at least two goals
  • Include sales goals and product/service goals
  • Place something up on the screen so all can see. A dashboard with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Memorable Quotes

Sales Goals quotes shared during the episode:

Goal without a plan is just a wish

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face – Mike Tyson

How To Find Mike Dannenfeldt

You can find Mike on LinkedIn 

  • Mike on Twitter .
  • Go to    You can get a 20%  off if you use the  Promo code “salesbabble” 

How to Manage Sales Teams


Sales Goals to Manage

There are two goals to focus on:

  • Nudges – an interaction with a suspect that advances the sale by a prospect responding
  • Appointments – the suspect becomes a true prospect when they agree to meet.

Sellers should focus on maximizing nudges. They will lead to appointments. Managers should assume  opportunities with appointments have a high likelihood to close. All should focus on the true nudges.

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