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Nov 21, 2017

John Tripolsky Sales Babble Advice Generate Leads without Sales and MarketingHow To Generate Leads without Sales and Marketing with John Tripolsky #191

In this episode we meet John Tripolsky, CEO of JTE Marketing. John shares his process to generate leads through a referral process. When starting John had neither  marketing nor a sales staff. Instead he leveraged his existing network to find qualified prospects and generate leads. It worked and this is how to generate leads without sales and marketing!

Hire a Team Without Hiring

The JTE Marketing earned its first two clients from friends and family. They repeated the process by working networking meetings. John kept attending and connected with five people. From those five they built their portfolio. Building personal relationships is what matters.

John is a strong advocate for LinkedIn. He has 7K connections. Almost all have gotten a personal message welcoming them to connect.   Not everyone is a qualified prospect. Yet all know people who ARE qualified. Referrals come from both existing and non clients

Lead Generation Referral Process

  1. Use the three letter word “ask”    Sit down and casually start… “let’s talk about XYZ …..”
  2. He then asks…. “Do you know anyone I could talk too? “
  3. Next he asks … “Would you introduce me? Would you send an introduction email?”
  4. Share “I would love to talk to them and pick their brain about …. “
  5. Once you get the lead follow up … “John Smith recommended I give you a call…”
  6. Lastly asks if they would be open to personally set down and chat for 10 minutes. In person

This is how you learn about a market and it’s nomenclature. It’s also solid advice on how to generate leads without sales and marketing. This process is great news for startups!

A Watershed Deal

After a terrific presentation he was asked for a proposal. He had no idea what to do but eventually created an order form. It was not pretty. Since he’s a marketing company, he believed this poorly represented the company. He made it beautiful with graphics and brand worthy style.

Make your invoices and quotes BEAUTIFUL!

He recommends Pandadoc 

Having a great proposal maintains the positive feeling that happened at the time of the presentation.

Take Action Advice

Ask……  Make it second nature to make requests of clients and prospects. Get over the hump of shyness. If you never ask you’re never going to get anything from it. Keep forward momentum, embrace lifelong learning and ASK.

Where To Find John Tripolsky

This is the link to the JTE Marketing Group

You can also find John on LinkedIn

How to Prospect and Generate Leads

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