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Dec 12, 2017

dave moravec sales babble voicemailHow to Make Sales with Voicemail with Dave Moravec #194

Sales Babble listener Dave Moravec visits the podcast to share telephone and voicemail prospecting tips. I  was a guest speaker at his CEO Sales Summit at the Integrity Data offices. I gave a talk on focused listening and qualifying. After the talk,  I fired up the digital recorder and had Dave share how he make sales with voicemail and email to solicit interest and earn an appointment.

Sales Voicemail Challenge

Do you return your voicemails?  Probably not. The common etiquette is to ask permission BEFORE calling. This is what we do with friends and family. But this wasn’t true in the past. Back in the day, you could call without permission. given there was no caller ID to screen your calls. This idea of permission is flowing into the B2B space. In fact only 4.8% voicemails get returned.  That’s a ration of  1:20.  This is the challenge.

Your challenge is to leave a good and pertinent voicemail that will solicit the prospect to take your call OR return your voicemail. One key mindset is to be relevant. Leave a relevant message and be a relevant person.

Voicemail Script

During the interview we discussed what it means to be relevant and leave relevant voicemails. Dave shared an example:

Hey Mary, you told me two weeks ago that I should give you a call because you were excited about the value our company provides. You didn’t have time at that time to learn more but you asked me to find a time that was more convenient. I appreciate that you told me that and I’d love to talk to you at your convenience. Here’s my number or if it’s easier for you this is my email address and we’ll set up a time that works. Thanks so much. 

Voicemails and Emails

People have one of two preferences: voicemail or email.  Dave uses both to discern their preference. First….

  • Leave a voicemail.
  • Send an email that mentioned you left a voicemail and share a link
  • Leave a voicemail mentioning you sent an email

Dave has a cadence: Two voice mails, Two calls. He uses a one week follow up schedule. He moves the follow up around days and times of day. For example:

  1. Leave a message Tuesday morning
  2. Follow up Friday afternoon
  3. Follow up Thursday morning
  4. Conscious of holidays and vacation times

Follow follow up until they tell you otherwise. People appreciate persistence and following up.


Take Action Advice

Be relevant in the message you leave. Maybe share an article that helps them, recognize they are using a competitor and you might be able to overcome an issue.   Build relationships first. If you’ve done the first relationships, when you leave the follow up message, they will recognize that first conversation created the opportunity. They are likely to appreciate it.

How To Find Dave Moravec

Dave Moravec is a sales manager at Integrity Data 

Dave’s email is

You can connect with Dave Moravec on LinkedIn 

Original blogpost Voicemail…Are you returning those messages?

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