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Dec 19, 2017

Jon Selig Sales Jokes Sales BabbleSales Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat with Jon Selig #195

There  are parallels between sales, improv and stand up comedy. Unfortunately sales jokes can fall flat and jeopardize a deal. In this episode Jon Selig shares advice on how to employ comedy to connect, build relationships and win deals.

Sales and Comedy

Each sales call has elements of standup. Open strong, close strong, probe the audience for their pain. display confidence. First you need to sell them on you. A simple  self deprecating joke is safe.

Craft jokes specifically for a prospect’s pains and challenges within their industry. It is very easy to offend and alienate your prospect.  You only need to offend one person on a team to lose a deal.

  • Don’t push anyone down
  • Don’t marginalize anyone
  • Don’t mock popular sentiments
  • Be as politically correct as you can

Have empathy and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you do that you won’t cross the line and have your sales jokes fall flat.

Improv in Sales

Frame your message within the problems and desires of your prospects. Be positive with the other person, respect them.

  • Answer the question  your prospects ask
  • Listen for the question, address it square on
  • Use the improv framework of Yes And
  • Accept what you hear and go with it.
  • Show how your solution will address their pains and challenges

Take Action Plan

Write more. Set aside time, express your thoughts in  1-3 pages. Stream what’s going on in your head. Discover your goals, then work it into your sales presentations. The key is to be relatable.

How to Find Jon Selig

You can find Jon Selig online and at a comedy club near you in Central America!

TW: @jonselig
IG: ImprobableComic

Jon also raises funds with Comedy Abroad, which produces live English stand-up comedy fundraisers in Latin America. 

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Building Rapport in Sales

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