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Jan 2, 2018

Tim Hurson Sales Babble CloseNever Be Closing – Key To Better Sales with Tim Hurson #197

The second most difficult task of a sale is to ask for the business. Closing a prospect is a monumental challenge for many sales professionals. But maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Tim Hurson is the author of the book “Never Be Closing”. In this episode Tim shares a process where prospects close themselves without arm twisting or sketchy wordplay trickery. Take your closing skills to the mastery level!

Have a Don’t Close Mindset

Tim recommends going into a sales conversation with the idea of learning something. Set aside the  expectation of closing quickly. People will close themselves if you do the process right.  It takes time to build a relationship. People fear purchasing from a stranger, but they do appreciate purchasing from those they trust.

Purpose of a Sales Call

What is the purpose of a sales call?  It’s not to make the sale, it’s to make the sale, AFTER the sale. Sales calls are measured on a binary scale: You closed or NOT closed. This is false. There is nuance in every sales call and you can learn from the experience. Every call is an opportunity for success.

Simplest Close of All

Ask the question “What more do you need to know before we proceed”.  If they say nothing else start the paperwork that moves them from a prospect to a client.

Of course not everyone is qualified for your business. But prospects may know someone who IS qualified. Think referrals.

Take Action Advice

GPS – learn from experience, evaluate the last sales call and ask the following questions:

  • Great – what went well?
  • Poor – what went poorly?
  • Step ups – what can I do better next time?


How To Find Tim Hurson

You can find Tim on LinkedIn

Twitter @tim_hurson Book – Never Be Closing – how to sell better without screwing your clients, colleagues or yourself. 

How To Close a Sale

We have many past episodes sharing advice on how to close a sale. Listen today!

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