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Jan 9, 2018

Carson Heady Sales BabbleThe Birth of a Salesman

One consistent message I get from the Sales Babble audience is they love that Sales Babble makes sales simple by sharing practical advice and selling stories. Well today we’re going to knock that out of the park. Our guest is sales professional and author Carson Heady and he’s the author of the book series,  Birth of a Salesman. Carson spins a sales adventures of fictional Vincent Scott as a vehicle to describe what makes for great sales.

Superman With a Briefcase

The protagonist of the book is Vincent Scott. The story starts with him entering sales right out of college. His is young, brash and soon finds he’s good at it. He appreciates being well paid and is soon promoted and promoted again.  Vincent represents all of us. We are all tested in our careers and personal lives. Like him, we make mistakes and have wins.

In Carson’s mind, Vincent is a Superman with a Briefcase.  Vincent’s not afraid to take risks. Yes he sometimes fails but in the end he is a success in his profession.   This character is a mix of people Carson has worked with over time.

Attributes of a Great Seller

Vincent Scott struggles like all of us:  dealing with bureaucracy, difficult deals, and working with others. This is something we all face in our careers. It’s not limited to sellers only.  The stories develop to show how he matures over time.

Politics and corporate culture are a constant struggle in the book. Carson believes great sales demands:

  • Passion
  • Personality
  • Tenacity
  • Endurance
  • Toughness

There is more to sales than being an extrovert.

How To Find Carson Heady

You can connect with Carson on the web, blog and books:

Carson has published three books:

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