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Jan 16, 2018

Madalyn Sklar Sales BabbleHow to Find Sales Leads with Twitter with Madalyn Sklar #199

Sales Babble listeners are always asking about social selling and using social media of discover new leads. Sales people are ALWAYS looking for new leads.  We know that LinkedIn can be alot of help, but what about Twitter, what about Instagram or Facebook? Is Snapchat worth your time?Today we ask AND answer those very questions. My guest Madalyn Sklar and I review each of the social media platforms and Madalyn shares advice  on how to find sales leads with Twitter and common do’s and don’ts for Social Selling.

Social Media Social Selling

Sales is sales. Just like finding leads at a networking event or referrals, social selling is no different except for the venue!

  • You can find leads in all social media!
  • Your ability to find leads depends on two things:
    1. Knowing who you’re selling to
    2. Understanding the social media venue

How to Find Leads with Twitter

  • Be consistent
  • Tweet everyday
  • Tweet 5 times a day
  • Check notifications people who respond
  • Check DM inbox and look for leads  1 lead /20 spam
  • Create lists: customers, competitors, prospects
  • Find ways to join conversations
  • Participate in Twitter chats
  • Hosts #twittersmarter every Thursday 1PM EST
  • Engage with people, just don’t post about you and your business

How to Find Leads on Instagram

  • Use hashtags
  • People search for hashtags to find a common conversation
  • There is a lot of spam, engage to discover who’s real

How to Find Leads on LinkedIn

  • Repost blogs on LinkedIn Article platform (former Pulse)

How to Find Leads on SnapChat

  • Can’t really find leads on Snapchat, according to Madalyn, it’s not worth her time
  • Redundant with  Instagram Story’s, Facebook too.

How to Find Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn is ranked #1 Houston Social Media Power Influencer. You can find her here:

Go here to get her Twitter Secret Sauce – FREE online course videos and handouts

Lead Generation Strategies

Many past episodes share advice on how to find leads with social selling. Listen now!

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