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Jan 30, 2018

Phil Boissiere Sales BabbleThree Step Process to Narrow Your Sales Focus with Phil Boissiere #201

Phil Boissiere is a Silicon Valley tech startup and executive coach. He works with founders, entrepreneurs and sales people who struggle with attention fatigue. In this episode Phil gives us practical advice on how to boost your selling productivity.  His 3×3 method is a quick way to tune up your sales brain, vanquish stress and narrow your sales focus. Your brain is the most important tool you have in your bag. Use it!

Sales = Stress

The sales profession attracts people who are willing to put themselves on the line. Sales people are  evaluated on:

  • performance factors – e.g. closed sales, advanced deals, prospecting, etc..
  • social factors – e.g. likeability, relationship building, etc…

When stress goes up, performance goes down. When people are stressed, they make the wrong decision. Quick fixes have limits. Discover the root cause within you and what’s going on in your brain. for example, with dehydration your cognition drops!

Tedious complex tasks hurt concentration, create distraction and a bad attitude. Stress and worry turns on the emotional part of you brain. You don’t want this. Since your overloading your brains with apps, photos, and videos, it’s hard to narrow your sales focus.

3×3 Method

Phil has a way to relieve stress with a simple exercise. Combine the naming of an object with a deep breath. Since your brain can’t do two things at once, it will allow you destress and focus.

Pick three objects in the room and say the following:

  • That’s a Lamp (take a breath)
  • That’s a Painting (take a breath)
  • That’s my Desk (take a breath)

Sellers are paid to perform.  Since this work is  future focused, it creates stress. Be preventive in mindfulness and reap rewards on your productivity.

Sleep Trumps Stress

Coffee is a stimulant. It can help mental focus but it’s only a stop gap.  When your brain is depleted of sleep it creates:

  • irritability
  • frustration
  • distractibility
  • low energy
  • cranky mood

Get to sleep now!

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