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Feb 27, 2018

Michael Manzur Sales BabbleAll Sales Start With a Why with Michael Manzur #205

Michael Manzur is founder and CEO of Flood Me Social LLC, a social media marketing agency. He helps companies find qualified leads and convert them into prospects. Michael is an unofficial LinkedIn Influencer and Host of LinkedIn Local Aventura in south Florida. Today we discuss common mistakes sellers make in social media and the process to turn leads into conversations.

Ineffective  Social Media

Too often companies have no idea why or what they’re doing on social media. All they know, is that they’re supposed to do it.

  • The word Why is the driving force for selling according to Michael
  • Too often businesses fail to base objectives around their Why
  • Social media is merely a tool, doesn’t supplant effective communication
  • People can see a marketing campaign a mile away
  • Without a clear Why, campaigns fall flat

Your Why comes from your Value Proposition. First define that.

Effective Social Media

Now that you have your Why, do the following:

  1. Set a business objective
  2. Craft social media goals around that objective

Example: I want to increase my B2B sales in 30 days

Goals: Create a content calendar, with sales, promotions, content to refine social media marketing funnel.

Michael believes that the how informs, but the why transforms.

Social Media for Startups

Fully complete your LinkedIn profile, know what you can get for free. Much is available.

  1. Add a prospect on LinkedIn
  2. Like and comment on their LinkedIn activity
  3. Send a note about things you have in common to build rapport
  4. Take conversation offline
  5. Speak offline and share the value proposition over the phone

Use Linkedin to meet people and then move the conversation offline. Next, as you grow clients, word of mouth marketing creates growth.

Note: May McCarthy (The Purpose of Sales) spoke to the same topic back in Episode 203

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