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Mar 6, 2018

Stacey Brown Randall Sales BabbleHow to Generate Referrals Without Asking with Stacey Brown Randall #206

Leveraging business referrals is a powerful way to grow your business. Unfortunately the process is poorly understood and followed. The majority of the people are uncomfortable asking clients to do something that would help their business. They’ve been told to just get over their shyness and ask for a referral or reference. Since there are few alternatives, most  people just skip it all together. In this episode Stacey Brown Randall preaches against outright asking for a referral.  She shows an alternative process on how to generate referrals without asking.

Build a Referral Network Stay Top of Mind

If you have a business reflect on your loyal and happy clients. Place them in your referral network. If you’re working for a startup, it will require old school networking. Work with people you know from you past. Ask them to keep you top of mind. Adhere to a process (see below) and overtime, referrals will happen.

Five Step Referral Process

In the interview Stacey walked us through the five step process on how to generate referrals without asking. This will will be covered in her new book:

  1. Know whose referring you and your referral sources. Build a list (24-36 sources)
    • Warm lead, introduction, word of mouth buzz, referrals ( 4 different types of prospects)
  2. Have a follow up / thank you process once you receive a referral
  3. Outreach with touch points to your referral network. Go deeper when interacting with them. Use language that will cause them to think of you and generate referrals. Beyond keeping in touch. Know something about them e.g. Fathers day, something personal. Maybe a host a network lunch, bring two people in your network together. This is the Secret Sauce.  Build out a year long plan.
  4. Automate the year long plan with process by building a calendar, on a cycle. Work on it each week.
  5. Track the plan and tweak as you learn what’s working and what’s not.

Take Action Plan

Focus on step 1 and build your list of referral sources (who should and have sent business to you).  In your CRM, make sure to include with your list of clients,  who referred them. This way you have a means of thanking and honoring your network.

How To Find Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey’s new book is Generating Business Referrals Without Asking   It’s coming out Fall of 2018  Preorders will start in March.  The book delves deep in the 5 steps and provides supplemental material.

Website –

Click on the link to get the four reasons you don’t get referrals and next how to generate referrals without asking.

Join Stacey’s free Facebook group – Referrals Without Asking and learn more:

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