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May 29, 2018

Ganesh Tayi Sales BabbleNever Lose the Deal with Ganesh Tayi

Ganesh Tayi is an author, speaker and CEO of Never Lose The Deal. He is a trusted advisor to companies who want to close more high dollar sales contracts. For more than a decade, he has been personally involved with deals of all levels of depth and difficulty and helped close deals worth over $12 billion. In this episode Ganesh offers  a fresh perspective and powerful proven practices to close more deals.

The Challenge

Unsuccessful salespeople jump too quickly into building a proposal. This is especially true in the B2B space.  They do this solely from what they hear the prospect say. They fail to deeply understand the full challenge. Too often proposal they propose, is wrong!

Successful sales people:

  • Dig deeper and find context of the challenge
  • Understand who are the decision makers
  • Discover how the prospect makes buying decisions
  • Ask about urgency. “How important is it for you to work with a company that offers this value proposition. “

Beware Chasing Ghosts

If you fail to discover all the requirements, you are forever chasing a ghost requirement. Fully understand their wants, desires and needs.

Three Principles for B2B Selling

Ganesh’s book has 10 principles for successful B2B selling. Here are the top three principles to never lose the deal:

  1. Align your team with the customer team. Look for common goals.
  2. Analyze the opportunity and the deal. Start by building an ROI model. Analyze your competition and how you differentiate.  Lastly analyze your pricing and maximize your profits. Consider deal incentives, not discount e.g 3 year contracts have a better pricing schema.  The right incentives help your customers do the right things.
  3. Ask why they are looking, why now and what is their buying criteria, the must haves and nice to haves.

Take Action Advice

Focus on your prospects business decision making criteria. Once you unravel and understand you can adjust your sales  process accordingly.

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Must Have Sales Process Steps

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