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Jul 10, 2018

Brian Margolis Sales BabbleThe Index Card Business Plan with Brian Margolis #224

In this episode we meet Brian Margolis, author of the “The Index Card Business Plan For Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs”.  The natural order of life and business moves from the simple to the complex. Yet at the same time big advances in science are the simplest of answers. You too can simplify and advance your business. Brian walks us through his business Chaplanning process with only a set of recipe cards!

Have a Strategy

If you had a completely free day, what would you work on today? If you’re unsure  you don’t have a business strategy. Let’s get one and build a process that ensures results. Stop procrastinating.

Characteristics of Pillars on the Index Card

Brians process is based on a set of pillars. Pillars are activities when executed consistently have a diproportionate postive effect on your business. When you execute your pillars, in a week you will see results.

Examples of Pillars:

  1. Proactivity
  2. High leverage activity
  3. Action or predictable result
  4. Something you already know how to do
  5. You can measure it weekly
  6. It’s not already a habit

Example Pillars for one client…

  1. Schedule certain number of meetings
  2. Send 5 non-sale touches to existing clients
  3. 2 hours a week sharpeing the axe
  4. Worked out 3 times a week.

Brian’s Pillar

  • Prospect and message 3 hours a week (uses a spreadsheet)

How To Find Brian Margolis

Twitter @prodgiant
Go to the website for a worksheet for the book and see the first chapter

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