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Each week Sales Babble host Pat Helmers shares selling secrets for non-sellers Pa t interviews sales guests and experts on the power of persuasion focused on a mindset of helping that ensures non-pushy win-win selling process. Fun yet informative, Sales Babble has helped sellers around the world become comfortable and quickly enjoy the role of sales professional 

Oct 31, 2023

Why Sellers Need to Recognize the Elephant in the Room #501

Have you ever skirted the truth when talking to a prospect? Have you ever redirected the conversation to put your offering in the best light? Have you ever wondered why a prospect stops taking your calls when at first you thought everything was going well?...

Oct 24, 2023

Sales Babble 500th Anniversary Special #500

In March 2014 the first episode of the Sales Babble podcast was published, dedicated to sharing selling secrets for non-sellers. After years of working at a start-up as the VP of Sales, I was ready to share my experience with a broader audience and grow my selling skills....

Oct 17, 2023

How to Discover the Buyer Using Compassionate Listening #499

I have a point of view on selling that may catch you off guard. Just like social work, nursing, or counseling, I see selling as a helping profession.  The way I see it, as sellers, it's our responsibility to relieve the suffering of our customers and clients....

Oct 10, 2023

How To Stay Innovative in an Emerging Market #498

There is an old saying in tech that there are only two kinds of technologies: the out-of-date and the "it's not yet available." Products loved and admired by customers will someday be considered antiques. Few products or services are considered modern forever. Instead,...

Oct 3, 2023

Don't Force the Sale, Allow the Sale #497

Sometimes sellers in their zeal to win push and prod buyers into uncomfortable buying decisions. It's always a good time for a seller to win a sale, but that's not the case for buyers. Sometimes a purchase is part of a broader project that requires planning.  Too often sellers...