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Aug 8, 2017

Janis Pettit Sales Babble

7 LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads with Janis Pettit

If you’re running out of leads, this week’s episode is exactly what you need. Janis Pettit is an expert on the new LinkedIn interface. Today  we dig in and uncover 7 LinkedIn strategies for generating qualified leads. Janis takes us from setting up your profile, finding prospects, connecting, engaging,  moving them to a webinar presentation and on your email list. Not only does this work, but you can do the same thing on Facebook . Of course this assumes that’s where you’re prospect hang out! Stop the cold cold calling and start leveraging social media today!

Lead Generation Today

When it comes to B2B sales and marketing,  LinkedIn is the bomb. 41% millionaires are on LinkedIn with the  average income at $75K.  Members of LinkedIn are buyers. Janis gave us 7 strategies to turn those buyers, into prospects.

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profiles clearly states who your are. Only  focus on people who have issues that you can provide solutions.
  2. Identify your ideal prospect, find them using advanced search, send a note to connect. Expect 40% will accept. Once they accept, engage them in a conversation and ask a strategic question.
  3. Keep track of your messaging in your CRM. This engagement can take weeks per prospect. Stay organized and follow up.
  4. Find active groups and become visible by offering valuable content.  Janis gave an example of an eBook she authored. Cross post on your “status update” on LinkedIn.
  5. When people view your status update, reach out to them and connect.
  6. Create a high converting funnel, get their email and place it on an email list. From that list offer webinars to engage and convert them into clients.
  7. Work on it 30 minutes a day

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Facebook for Prospecting

The above process can be used on Facebook too. It’s all dependent on the market niche you serve. If you’re interested in:

  • restaurants
  • retail
  • small businesses

How to Find Janis Pettit

Janis can be found at her company  Small Business, Big Results

Get a free copy of her eBook “How to Get More Business Leads From The New LinkedIn” to LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads

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