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May 8, 2018

Barry Saltzman Sales BabbleHow To Sell With Personality Barry Saltzman #215

In this episode Barry Saltzman shares a quick way to read prospective buyers. He believes you should adjust your selling technique based on their personality. Too often sellers take the same approach with all clients. This doesn’t make sense. All buyers are different. All buyers have their own peculiarities. It’s not just about selling your products and services. Instead learn how to sell with personality.

Four Primary Traits

Barry shares how to sell with personality by categorizing buyers into one of four traits. Each trait is described below:

  • Controlling: Goal oriented. They know what they need to do every morning. Plus they are focused, motivated, driven, and commonly found in leadership roles.
  • Outgoing: Type A types. They are social and energized by meeting people. To build rapport they will spend the first 15 minutes chatting building friendships. By nature they are authentically empathetic.
  • Exacting: Specialist, experts, they look at pieces of whole, and very detail oriented
  • Relaxed: Laid back. They have an easy going attitude. They are not one to  rush. This makes them hard to sell.

The traits are configured in the following quadrants:

Controlling Exacting
Outing Relaxed

People have primary and secondary personality types. We’re not all one type or another. We are a blend.  Thus there is a also and

The Adaptive trait can be found somewhere in the middle of the quadrants.

Quick Way to Assess

  • Read LinkedIn profiles.. By the style and information you can learn much about a person’s personality trait.
  • Ask open  end questions. For example if you’re at a tradeshow ask “Tell me what you do ….”
Good sales is about adding value to the prospect
  • Controlling person, sell to them that helps them reach their goals. Somewhat to dominate the world, not all.
  • Exacting person, let me walk you through our methodology and framework to show you how you get to the results
  • Outgoing person, this is how you will feel, ,how it will impact your propel .. watches body language.
  • Relaxed person, calm, don’t push, this is the most difficult to sell to.  only 10% of the people

Two Open Ended Questions

Barry asks the following questions to quickly discover a person’s personality type.
  1. Tell me about your business and how you meet your goals?
  2. Describe to me what role you like to play on your team?

Barry has a cheat sheet of various personality types associated with real people he has met in his life. This way he can quickly know how best to add value in a conversation.

Take Action

Barry recommended two courses of action you can immediately do to better understand and assess your prospective customers.

  • Start asking open ended questions and listening to the answers.
  • Take a free assessment on  

How To Find Barry Saltzman

Barry Saltzman is a seasoned “hands-on executive. He has 30 years of experience in both public and private organizations. Barry has been responsible for Global Sales,  Leading and Managing Complex Service Organizations. As a leader hs has successfully turned around a $60m distribution business.  Barry’s enjoys spending his time with  his clients. He especially likes developing plans to help them reach their full potential.  Barry also serves on a variety of Advisory Boards with local SBDC’s in the Chicagoland Area. Barry is easy to find across the world wide web!

Twitter: @SaltzmanEG

Sales Personality Tests and Assessments

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