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Jun 19, 2018

Todd Caponi Sales BabbleThe Transparency Sale with Todd

Caponi #221

Todd Caponi Is the former Chief Revenue Officer at Chicago’s PowerReviews. Todd is in the process of authoring a new book titled “The Transparency Sale”. This book is in response to the changing influence of social media in selling and the failure of former challenger sale strategies. Todd has held leadership roles with three tech companies, including ExactTarget, where he helped the organization to a successful IPO and a $2.7B exit to

Challenger Sale No Longer Effective

There is a false narrative that consumers have all they need online to make buying decisions. Sellers still have tremendous value adding insight and help to enable the purchase at the end.

The Challenger Sale  teaches the following:

  • Recommends sellers to provide insights and challenge prospects thinking
  • Demands sellers to become industry experts
  • Challenges buyers to think a different way but……

Due to Social  Media, sellers need to be on top of what buyers are saying about them. Now there is a need to add transparency sale processes.

Social Media in Sales

Sellers must look at feedback from social media and control that conversation. Sellers must be awake to what’s being said about their companies, products and services. The Internet provides a feedback economy. Control the feedback

Take Power Reviews finding:

  • People read reviews first
  • Sales goes up for reviews at 4.2-4.5 ranking
  • Sell as if your NOT perfect. You can’t be FUD’d (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) with transparency
  • Sellers need to sell as they are NOT perfect.

Neural science is starting to get applied to sales. People make buying decisions with feelings, then back it up with logic. Sales process is too focused on the close. Should be focused on the opportunities of buyers to lose interest and regain momentum. When buyers reach 100% trust, they stop asking for more information. When buyers don’t trust and keep searching, deals never close.

Email Take Action Tactic

Create a feeling with an email subject line then the first few sentences.   Don’t say I and Me but You.   Your email needs to speak specifically to the reader. It must be short. Think Twitter!  Have an easy link for more information below your signature.

How To Connect With Todd Caponi

Books Mentioned:

The Power of Social Selling

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